In Ancient Craft Masonry, Strength is one of the 3 principle supports of the Lodge, it being necessary to maintain every great and important undertaking, represented by the Senior Warden in the South. It being his duty to strengthen and support the authority of the Master .

Senior Warden

Erik Strom


In Ancient Craft Masonry, Wisdom is symbolized by the East, the place of light, being represented by the pillar that there supports the Lodge and by the Worshipful Master.

Lodge Master

Marco Garcia

Elected and Appointed Officers


Master - Dago Rodriguez

  Senior Warden - Marco Garcia

Junior Warden - Erik Strom

   Treasurer - Charlie Fisher, PM

    Secretary - Moustapha Akkari, PM

  Assistant Secretary    Robert Arnold, PM

Chaplain - Donald Johansen, PM   

Senior Deacon - Jason Wilson

Junior Deacon - Stuart Holst

Senior Steward - Cody Snyder

     Junior Steward - Sergio Gomez

   Marshal - Todd St. Vaughn

       Tiler - Eddie Gudino

Lodge Officers 2016 Conductors of The Craft

Making Men in to Masons

South Pasadena Masonic Lodge 290

  • O Varium Fortune5:55


In Ancient Craft Masonry, Beauty is one of the 3 principle supports of the Lodge, representing the beauty of character and the virtues of true manhood, represented by the Junior Warden in the South symbolizing the meridian sun.

Junior Warden

Jason Wilson